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The double layer and low density (thin) fabric of MUND TRAIL RUNNING socks allows for a more free and natural movement of the foot and, at the same time, guarantees maximum breathability and faster drying.

Designed for the most extreme and demanding conditions of trail running, with the constant presence of water, mud and stones, the MUND TRAIL RUNNING are reinforced in the fingers and heel, in order to prevent premature damage, and have an innovative design in the plant of the foot, which prevents excess sliding (and friction) on the insole. On the instep, the "honeycomb" fabric offers maximum breathability and freshness, essential on the hottest days.


Developed with special technology to absorb moisture and improve drying, COOLMAX® fabric helps you stay drier and therefore more comfortable, essential aspects in times of greatest physical demand. COOLMAX® fabric absorbs and spreads moisture on the fabric surface, which allows to accelerate the drying period by evaporation. At the same time, it allows air to enter to keep your body cool and dry.

Additional sock features
- Low density composition
- "Honeycomb" point on the instep
- Polyamide outer layer
- Smooth seams for toes
- Rough surface on the sole of the foot for maximum grip
- Reinforced fabric on the heel and toes
- Pre-washed and smoothed product

Also available in Pack: 2 pairs TRAIL RUNNING.